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5 Things about iCloud Security

Apple's new iCloud service allows users to store data, and sync in a variety of devices and applications. However, as with other cloud services, iCloud users will face the possible information security and privacy risks. This may be one of iCloud cons.

iCloud is known to the extremely ease of use, but it will make data exposure in risk of the virus and wireless, which make the hackers try to steal data to induce.

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iCloud Security - No visible data

Because the data are passed back, the user will not understand how the data are operated. Users do not know whether Apple encrypt data or to protect their actions, whether properly back up the data or not.

iCloud Security - Only a common password

iCloud account only has one user account, so the user is difficult to protect their data. Because If anyone obtains the password, he can get e-mail, photos, calendar, and all other data. This allows an attacker to be an opportunity.

iCloud Security - Convenient sync but not safe

iCloud allows users to simply sync the data on all Apple devices. Once any equipment is lost, the data may be stolen. For users, you must be aware of that data has been synchronized to iCloud, and if necessary, the user can simply choose to turn off iCloud documents and data.

iCloud Security - Allowing access to enterprise data

From a business point of view, to allow employees to use personal Apple devices to access enterprise data, you must first confirm whether there are derivative problems if this is connected to iCloud, which is why cloud services in the physical dimension. "iCloud has many service points which need to be considered, a large number of people began to use personal devices at work, and these data are the company's business units are also connected to the iCloud.

iCloud Security - Personal Privacy

Like other cloud services, once a court summons, the data stored in the iCloud would be surrender. The user must understand, in some cases, the data will be delivered to the authorities. The data can be synchronized to a variety of devices, once the problem with the device, it may lead to privacy risks.

Because the existence of iCloud security, users should be careful when using iCloud. And if you don't decide to use iCloud, iPad to Computer Transfer can also help you do the sync work.

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