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How to Convert PDB to ePub Format for Free?

how can i convert pdb to epubQ: I have a couple of books I bought from Barnes and Noble that are in pdb format and I want to read them on on Sony E-Reading. How do I convert them to the epub format my reader accepts?

A: To convert PDB to ePub format, you can try Calibre, which is an eBook converter freeware. Here is how to convert PDB to ePub step by step.

Tips: NOOK DRM Removal can help you remove DRM from Barnes & Noble NOOK ePub.

Guide: How to Convert PDB to ePub Step by Step?

Step 1: Open Calibre and click Add books. A pop-up window will then appear allowing you to browse to PDB eBook file. Select the file and click Open the file will then be added to Calibre.

Step 2: Select your file and click Convert E-books.

convert pdb to epub

Step 3: In the pop-up window that appears in the drop down box on the right hand side make sure that Output format is selected as EPUB, other format you want.

Step 4: It will work fine if PDB doesn't have DRM, you will get message if ebook has DRM. You need to remove PDB ebook DRM first.

pdb to epub converter

Step 5: Sending your e-book to your e-reader, according to the instructions with your e-reader attach the device to your computer. Calibre will automatically detect your e-reader. Select your e-book and click Send to device. Calibre will transfer the e-book onto your e-reader.

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