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How Do You Sync/Transfer/Get Contacts from Android Phone to iPad 2?

If you're looking to sync contacts from Android phone to iPad 2– it's not that messy at all. Here's a way to do it. Take a Nexus One for example. Hope this method will work for most Android users.

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Tutorial: How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phone to iPad 2?

Step 1. Go to "contacts" on your Nexus One. In the settings you will see an option to export contacts to SD card. Go ahead, export.

Step 2. With the device mounted to your desktop, make sure the file you exported is on the SD card. It exported my contacts list to a file called "00001.vcf".

Step 3. Go to gmail > settings > import (on your desktop). Choose the"00001.vcf" / contacts export file from your SD card. This will make sure all the contacts from your Nexus One are synced with gmail.

Step 4. From the iPad 2, open the "settings". Click "add account" > "Microsoft Exchange". Here we're going to add your gmail account information.

Step 5. In the first screen you'll enter the fields like this:
Domain: leave blank
User: enter your google email address, for example,
Password: enter your google password Click Next.

get contacts from android phone to ipad 2

Step 6. It will now ask you to enter server information. Enter "" Click Next.

Step 7. The iPad 2 should now ask you if you'd like to keep your existing contacts. If you select yes it may create duplicate contacts. Google says "Unless you want to delete all the existing Contacts and Calendars on your phone, select the Keep on my iPhone option when prompted. This will also allow you to keep syncing with your computer via iTunes".

Done. You should now have the option to sync mail, contacts and calendars with the iPad 2.

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