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How to Put Yahoo Address Book to iPad 2?

"Can I just import them some how without having to add each one individually?"
- From Yahoo! Answer

"I can get in the settings and see "contacts" but only Sort Order and Display Order. I can't find my list of people that should be in my address book. What about when I am in my mail and want to write to a contact- how do I access them?"
- From Yahoo! Answer

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Do you have similar problems? Don't know how to transfer Yahoo address book to iPad 2? How can I sync Yahoo address book to iPad 2? Is it easy to access Yahoo address book on iPad 2? Fortunately, iTunes is designed to sync Yahoo! and Google contacts with the iPad, iPad 2. Here we list the detailed steps to help you put Yahoo address book to iPad 2 step by step.

Things You'll Need:
iPad USB cable and iTunes

Tutorial: How to Put Yahoo Address Book to iPad 2 Easily?

Step 1: Connect the iPad 2 to the computer via the USB cable. iTunes will open and recognize the iPad 2 automatically.

Step 2: Click the "Info" tab. Click "Sync Address Book Contacts". Check the "Sync Yahoo! Address Book contacts" box. And then click the "Configure" button.

put yahoo address book to ipad 2

Step 3: Type your Yahoo address email ID and password. Click "OK".

Step 4: Close iTunes. Disconnect the iPad 2 from your computer.

Step 5: Start iPad 2. Tap the home screen's "Contacts" icon. The new contacts are listed.

Sounds easy, right? So why are you waiting? Go ahead to put Yahoo address book to iPad 2 right now!

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