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Apple iPad 2 Hack
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Almost a year ago, one of the world's most recognized hackers, George Hotz has developed a method to hack iPad 1. George Hotz shot to fame following his success in hacking Apple's iPhone, developing a method for users to both use the device on any mobile network and install unauthorized software.

He has also hacked the PS3, though Sony's system seemingly remains piracy free for the time being. Late last year Hotz released his latest iPhone-cracking software, blackra1n, which offers a one-click jailbreaking solution for users of the device.

An jailbroken iPad 2 can allow users to install and run other third party software apart from Apple store apps. Without hacks for iPad 2, you may not be able to install best free iPad 2 apps.

So we may think, will Now Hotz hack iPad 2? If true, this will undoubtedly be a crushing blow to format holder Apple.

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