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Set Private Browsing on iPad 2 with Safari

In iOS 5, the Safari mobile browser has been updated with several new features including the ability to enable private browsing. Turning private browsing on will force your device to not store browsing history, cookies, and cache.

This article will show you the process to set private browsing on iPad 2 with Safari.

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Tutorial: How to Set Private Browsing on iPad 2 with Safari?

As usual the Safari settings are hidden away in devices main Settings screen and not inside the app so here's how to enable Private Browsing:

Step 1: Turn on iPad 2. Tap the Settings app from your device's home screen.

set private browsing on ipad 2 with safari

Step 2: Tap "Safari" from within the settings app.

Step 3: Tap the toggle switch next to "Private Browsing" to switch it to the "ON" setting.

See? Safari has been given a few tweaks in iOS 5 and this one is one of the many that will see an end to the popularity of some other third-party apps such as RockMelt, Anonymous or Mercury. Often iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users will have a second web browser for the sole purpose of private browsing or incognito mode as it's often called.

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