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How to Use Skype on iPad 2?

use skype on ipad 2"I'm planning on purchasing an iPad 2 very soon. I'm curious if I will be able to Skype my friends and family on it... And also, is it some sort of app that I must purchase in order to Skype? Thanks for any help you can offer!"

Do you have similar problems? Want to install Skype on iPad 2? How to use Skype on iPad 2? In this article, you will find the answer!

How to Install Skype on iPad 2?

In order to use Skype on iPad 2, you will have to download the Skype app from the iTunes App Store. As of March 2011, the iPad Skype client is a free download through the store.

Step 1: Press the "Home" button on your iPad 2. Slide the arrow to the right to unlock the device.

Step 2: Tap the "App Store" icon on your iPad 2. Tap the search field and use the keyboard to type "Skype," then click "Search."

Step 3: Tap the "Skype" app that appears in the search list. Tap the "Free" icon on your iPad, it will change to green text that states the following: "Install App."

Step 4: Tap "Install App" to install Skype on your iPad App page. Enter your iTunes password when prompted.

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How to Use Skype on iPad 2?

Following are the detailed steps to use Skype on iPad 2:

Step 1: To use Skype on iPad 2, you will need a Skype account. If you have one already, simply tap the Skype app on your iPad 2 to open it and enter your Skype name and password. If not owning a Skype account, just click "Create an account" after opening the application.

Step 2: Hit the "Call" icon and you can type a number to call, then click the green "Call" button to connect the call. You can also search for Skype contacts by clicking the "Contacts" icon to make free Skype-to-Skype calls.

Furthermore, iPad 2 allows you to Access Facetime Video Chat on iPad 2.

Please note, the Skype app is designed for an iPhone interface, so it will launch at iPhone size. Tap the "2x" button to let the app fill the screen. This will lead to low-resolution images for video calls on the iPad 2, but will make it easier to see the text and controls.

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