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How to Solve - iPad 2 Gets Hot When Charging

ipad 2 gets hot when chargingWhen you are charging for iPad 2, try to touch the bottom of iPad 2. You will find that it is a litter hot. This can not be ignored because too hot will cause degummed. Then how to solve this?

Firstly, don't take iPad to materials which are easy to be hot, especially when you buy iPad cases, iPad covers, and so on, don't take iPad onto or into the accessories, because the bottom of iPad 2 is easy to be hot. I recommend you putting iPad 2 to the table, but not the bed. If there is glass table in your house, it is much better.

Then, Make iPad screen face down when charging. Because the the heat is spread mainly through the metal back. Turning iPad up is helpful to spread heat more easily. But if you have no iPad screen protector, wipe the desktop before turing iPad up.

If you do the above two points, iPad 2 won't get too hot when charging.

And the following are the tips which can solve the problem - charger gets hot when charging.

Don't plug the charger into the same socket which is plugged some other electrical plugs, such as laptop computers, mainframe computers, high-brightness lamps, etc, so as to provide a not-hot environment for charging iPad 2.

Hope these above can be useful for you. In addition, chargers will get hot when charging, this quite normal. So don't worry.

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