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Jailbreak iPad 3
- Unlock iPad 3, Jailbreaking iPad 3

how to Jailbreak iPad 31. Why need we jailbreak iPad 3?

While the iPad feature is obviously still much more limited in functionality, it will likely placate some of those who feel the need for just a tad more customization than is available on the iPhone itself.

Similarly, many of the jailbreaking apps that let you perform or tweak phone-related functions will no longer be necessary since the iPad is not a phone. And Flash? Well, more and more sites are adopting HTML5 technology and with this, videos can be rendered plug-in free, just in time for iPad web surfers to enjoy.

2. Does this void my iPad's warranty?

Yes. When you jailbreak iPad 3, you're going off the grid. Apple Store Geniuses, usually a chipper, enthusiastic bunch, will regard your jailbroken device with icy indifference. Of course, restoring your iPad to the original, factory settings should get things back to normal, without anyone ever knowing of your shameful jailbreak secret.

3. Will jailbreaking affect my App Store apps?

Nope. You can still use your old apps from the App Store, buy new ones, and sync them to your computer just like normal.

4. If I jailbreak iPad 3, can I download App Store apps for free?

Yes. Not that we condone this—and I'm not being coy, we really don't—but jailbreaking will let you circumvent the App Store and install many popular apps and games for free. We're not going to get into the specifics here, but if you search around you should be able to get the gist of it.

5. How to Jailbreak iPad 3?

The Spirit jailbreak is literally a one click process. Just sync your iPad 3 to make sure everything on your computer is up-to-date, download the Spirit jailbreak application for Mac or Windows, and follow the instructions. In fact, what's most important during the install process is what you shouldn't do, which is to say, pretty much anything. Don't try to fool around with your iPad 3 or iTunes and definitely don't unplug the device while the jailbreak is taking place. Just let Spirit do its thing and you should be fine.

6. What is Cydia?

Cydia is jailbreak HQ, the unofficial app store that gives you access to all of the goodies Apple doesn't allow. After you jailbreak iPad 3, Cydia will show up as an app like any other, and from there you can download and install Backgrounder and the rest.

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