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How to Delete Programs Which Have not been Downloaded Completely from App Store?

Many of my friends have met this: download the program with the wifi, but the program is too large, the transmission speed is too slow, and then for various reasons, the programs can not be finished downloading, at last to leave the "pause", "Loading" and the gray icon ... The most detestable thing is these icons can not been removed. (Related: How to Sync iPhone Apps to iPad)

Maybe some will disappear after a period of time. But next time when you log iTunes, these icons will still appear, so the best way is to 'eradicate'.

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The specific steps to delete programs which have not been downloaded completely from App Store are:

1 After connecting wifi, login to the itunes account which is used for downloading that (not downloaded) program;

2 Click the icon once or twice to display the subscript "Loading" message;

3 Click in sequence: "Settings" - "Store" - "off" (off logged itunes account);

4 Out of settings, return to the desktop, if the program shows "pause", click again to make it appear as "Loading";

5 Go to "Settings", turn off "wifi" (disconnect the wifi connection);

6 Return to the desktop, at this time, the program icon should appear as the name of "the program", and is no longer a "Loading" or "pause" and so on. Icon is still grayed. Now, according to the general procedures of delete, press the icon until the icons start to shake. On the upper left corner of the not downloaded icon, there is already "crossed", right?

7. Click the "crosses", it will pop up a notification, a bit different from normal, click on "remove" button.

With this tutorials, you can easily delete programs which have not been downloaded completely from App Store.

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