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How to Get Free Wi-Fi on iPad/iPad 2

how can i get free wi-fi on ipadFree Internet is one of the biggest problems on the iPad and iPad 2… where is it? Well, you have to be around hotspots in order to get free Wi-Fi on iPad or get free Wi-Fi on iPad 2. To access free Wi-Fi on iPad and iPad 2 anywhere, you will have to use a little known program called Free Wi-Fi Finder to find free internet for iPad/ iPad 2.

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How to Find Free Internet for iPad and iPad 2?

This free app can instantly find FREE Wi-Fi Internet hotspots wherever you are in the world online or offline!


★ Over 145,000 Free locations worldwide
★ "Near me" search based on your current location
★ Search specific geographic regions
★ Filter by location type (Cafe, Library, etc..)
★ Phone numbers and address info
★ Bookmark your favorite locations New locations are added on a daily basis, so you always have the latest hotspot data at your fingertips.

With this free app, you don't need to worry you can't get free Wi-Fi on iPad or iPad 2 any more!

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