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Import DVD to iTunes with VLC Player

You must be wondering why you are not allowed to convert and import DVD to iTunes as it seems not such a big challenge which Apple could not resolve. Here the following steps may be able to help you upload DVD to iTunes. And once you load DVD to iTunes, the DVD movies could be available within the whole Apple-line products: Windows and Mac iTunes library, Apple TV, iPod, iPhone, and iPad.

The tool to import DVD to iTunes you will need: VLC Media Player. You can search it on Google. It's free and easy to use. Follow the step below to import DVD to iTunes.

How to Import DVD to iTunes

Step 1: Insert your DVD and run your VLC Player. When you click the media, the Open Media Window will pop up and you want to click on the Disc tab.

launch it to import dvd to itunes

Step 2: Check DVD to make sure the disc device field specifies to the optical drive with the DVD, and hit Convert/Save to start ripping.

* Click "convert /save", you are allowed to select a location for the ripped file.
* Remember to give the ripped file a name and a supported extension while you are browsing to the location.

Tips: You can also use iPad Transfer to transfer Movies, Photos, Music, etc. from iPad to Computer for backup or share with your family or friends.

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