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Top 5 iPad Educational Applications

Since iPad was introduced into the educational area, teachers and students have accumulated a number of applications for education, teaching and learning. Here, we collected some best iPad educational applications. Hope they are useful for users who are using iPad for learning. Hope these iPad applications for education can help you a lot.

Of course, these iPad applications for educations do not all iPad special software, some applications can also be used on iPhone and iPod touch.

iPad Educational Applications - iStudiez Pro

With the iStudiez Pro's help, you can manage your schedule easily. You will never miss a lesson, a learning task and any papers Submissions deadline date. You can also arrange lessons and assignments. This iPad educational application can make your school life organized. The built-in planner lets you easily check your classroom arrangement and course information, including details of lecturers, such as lecturers imprisoned time, phone number and Email address.

use ipad applications for education to make schedule organized

Planner also lets you add a holiday calendar, and distinguish classroom and extracurricular activities. iStudiez Pro focuses on homework assignment. The users can manage learning tasks according to the date, or priority of course. After the completion of schedule and homework, software will arrange your day together, and can advise and inform the user.

Download it here:

iPad Educational Applications - Flashcard Deluxe

Flashcard Deluxe is the easiest but it is the most powerful flashcard application. It can assist you in learning any subject. Features include: folders and classification integrates more than 200 million sets of flashcards and flashcards card organization, a built-in dictionary, the simple user interface. Western education think that, the flashcard memory-assisted learning can help improve students' motivation to learn, and in the classroom provide students with a variety of sensory stimulation. lashcard Deluxe will be your most effective application of the readiness review.

ipad applications for education

Download it here:

iPad Educational Applications - Wikipanion for iPad

With Wikipanion, you can easily access information on Wikipedia simply and smoothly. It can save a search history, bookmarks, support multilingual search, save important images to your library. With the built-in dictionary, you can directly access the term on the information page.

ipad educational applications - wiki on ipad

Download it here:

iPad Educational Applications - CHALK_BOARD

This is the software which can provide with most realistic feel of operation on blackboard. It is developed by Japan conol, Inc for baby. Painting lines are exactly same as ones drew on the real blackboard. The shock is very realistic with a blackboard eraser. Therefore, since the software being released, it has been very welcomed. Functional design is friendly to users, and you can immediately save. Alteration is also more convenient. Interface is simple, operation is relatively simple and very easy to use, and a strong sense of simulation.

ipad educational applications for kids's drawing

Download it here:

iPad Educational Applications - Pocket piano

Pocket piano is a piano simulation software. The software simulates a real piano, with 88 kinds of high and low scale of the whole piano keyboard, it supports 10 keys multi-touch and playing with both hands. Users can customize the piano. According to the length of the finger buttons, set the height, width and pitch, volume and free to set the metronome beat frequency, adjust the brightness of the color of the piano, etc. Users can simply slide your finger gently to draw from A0 to C8, or any key. This iPad educational applications allows users to feel the real effect of the piano.

ipad educational applications - piano

Download it here:

Hope these iPad educational applications can help you learn easily and better!

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