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How to Read Word Document on iPad?

Here, I will show you a free method of how to view word document on iPad.

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Read Word Document on iPad: Save as .txt File

To read a word document on the iPad, save the word document as .txt format. See how:

Step 1: Create a document and save it as a .txt file. Save the document in an easy to access folder (such as the Desktop).

save it as txt file to Read Word Document on iPad

Step 2: Plug your iPad into the computer. Open the folder that has your document in it. Right-click and copy the document.

Step 3: Open "My Computer" and find your iPad.
Note: You must have disk use enabled on your iPad to put the document on. This is done on iTunes.

Step 4: Find the "Notes" folder in your iPad. Right-click and paste the document into the "Notes" folder. You can then eject your iPad.

Step 5: On your iPad, scroll down to "Extras". Select Extras. In Extras, find "Notes". Select Notes. Your document will be there for you to read.

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