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Free Kindle Fire Games Download

The hottest IT product should be iPad. Because of the iPad's appearance, there is a Tablet boom in the IT market. In all of Tablets, the most popular is Android tablet. A few days ago, Amazon released its first Tablet - Kindle Fire, which is not expensive and has a lot of highlights, such as playing games.

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Most of Android's software or apps are free, including games. Here I list several free games for Kindle Fire.

Free Kindle Fire Games Download - Angry Birds

Speaking of mobile games, I believe many people would think of angry birds in the the first reaction. Yes, this is a popular game sweeping the globe. Players on to the oldest old, down to the teenage children will love to play together. Currently the game has been released the ordinary version, season version and the Rio edition. Each version has to be updated from time to time. This strategy also makes the game update eternity.

angry birds

In the game, players need to use the slingshot to eject the birds, and the target is the green pig. Different types of birds have different skills, such as acceleration, lay eggs, dispersion, explosion. Bird's flight angle and distance will determine by the player. Birds which have been ejected will leave flight path which can be used as a reference for other birds. The game is to eliminate all of the pigs, the fewer birds used, the stars will be higher.

Free Kindle Fire Games Download - Cut the Rope

This "cut the rope" game has been popular on iOS platform a long time ago. But until the end of June, it was released the Android version. This classic game is not only able to run perfectly on the Android phone, there is also a very good performance on Android tablets.

This is a cartoon-style puzzle game. The game's protagonist is a cute little green frog. Players will need to cut the rope so as to take candy into a small frog's mouth.

cut the rope

Free Kindle Fire Games Download - Zombies vs Plants

Among the many mobile phone games, zombies are a more popular theme. Many games use the zombie roles to enhance their attention. In fact, the real originator of the zombie games is Zombies vs Plants. In the game, all the scenes and the characters are cartoon-style, which is welcomed by most young people and children. Players need to fight against different zombies with different plants, and need to collect sunshine in time, so as to make sure there are enough money for purchasing more powerful weapons.

plant vs zoombies

Free Kindle Fire Games Download - Krazy Kart Racers

Krazy Kart Racers is a casual racing game. Friends who like racing games should not miss. This game has bright colors with a full 3D cartoon style, which is very suitable for this type of leisure-based racing game. The relaxing background music also played a role for contrasting the atmosphere. The battle using a variety of props will definitely make you laugh. The drivers in the game are roles who have appeared in Konami's other game works. It is worth mentioning that Krazy Kart Racing handling feel is very good, either using gravity or a touch screen sensor, layers can well control the car, firing props.

racing games

Free Kindle Fire Games Download - Roboto

Roboto is an adventure game which uses hero to the rescue as a theme. The game's protagonist is a robot, footing aircraft. The roboto embarked on an adventure in order to find the beloved girl. In the game interface, there are three virtual buttons, the left-hand button is the arrow keys, and the right are two buttons for jumping, or shooting. In the game, the robot need to collects a variety of gears, screws and other types of gold coins for updating armors and changing new weapons.


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