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Install 3rd Party App to Nook Tablet

NOOK Tablet is cheap, and has quite well built applications: including Netflix, Pandora, and a full-featured mail client, of course, there are B&N official application store. But the goods in B&N store are not too much, and most are paid applications. Far worse compared to the Google Android Market. So, you have a great impulse to install 3rd party App to NOOK Tablet.

There are than one way to install third-party App to Nook Tablet, but the following steps are the most time-saving, and most secure (not Root needed).

The first step: allow unknown sources

Android users should know this option "Settings" in menu, simply check the "allow unknown sources", you will be able to install the apk from SD card files. (Or rather, App installation outside the Market need to check)

Install 3rd Party App to Nook Tablet

In NOOK Tablet native firmware, "allow unknown sources" option is hidden in the settings menu. And this in Amazon Kindle Fire is visible and selectable. So, on the Nook Tablet you need to do:

- Use browser to open this address:

- Then click this link: Download AppMenu (Looking for TGPS_Launcher? Use this instead.)

- Wait Apk file downloaded and the installation interface pop-up

- Check "allow unknown sources"

Step two: Transfer apk package

For Nook Tablet, how to put apk package to the device? The most practical(no the most simple) method is to use email. Open package in email attachment, then install directly.

Alternatively, you can send Amazon Kindle Fire shop installation package to the NOOK Tablet, including nearly twenty thousand high-quality Apps, as well as a limit daily free apps.

The third step: the management of your application

Files and programs Management is too much trouble. A good way is to install the ES document management. First you need to copy the apk file to a microSD card, then insert it to the NOOK Tablet. Then enter the ES file manager, microSD card will be able to browse the contents of the file.

Now that you can install third-party App, then there are many Launcher for you to choose, in order to manage a variety of icons better, for example, install Go Desktop produced by 3G portal.

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